Bridger 2018 Looking Bright

by Charles Bobo, December 28, 2017

Bridger launched in June 2017 and has enjoyed a fantastic year. As we move into 2018, we are preparing to launch a new non-standard California auto insurance program. BridgerDrive will fill a void in the California auto insurance marketplace for non-standard risks. With full coverage options available, the program is being underwritten by Knightbrook.

In addition to BridgerDrive, the company released a renters insurance program, BridgerGuard, which provides rental coverage to an expanding market for about $20 per-month. Plans are also being finalized to launch BridgerPro, a commercial auto program, which will target the growing small business marketplace.

To back up the strength of Bridger’s new product line, we are launching a new cloud-based policy management system and have moved our legacy system to the cloud. Producers will still be able to access older policies, as well as quote and manage new product sales for BridgerDrive. Finally, a new customer relationship management system will help to further capitalize on the great service provided by our CSR staff.

The final block being added to Bridger’s foundation is a new web site, scheduled to go live in early January. The company’s new branding, fun and casual in nature, will be a reflection of the company’s new culture moving forward. Our goal is make the often mundane business of insurance more relaxed. The new web site is active, easy to read, engaging, and simple to navigate for producers and policyholders.

Bridger web site

Bridger’s new site to launch January 2018

What Bridger has accomplished in a mere seven months of operation reflects a highly engaged team that is focused on providing great products with even greater service to a producer network that is primed and ready to sell.

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