Bridger Broker & Agent Survey

by Charles Bobo, August 17, 2017

Bridger conducted an in-depth survey of more than 3,000 brokers and agents the week of July 24 as part of a coordinated effort to develop a series of new products and services as it ramps up following the acquisition of SCJ Insurance Services.

The survey focused on products, agents’ needs for support, and technology issues. Through a series of multiple choice, open comments, and rankings, the overall findings are proving highly beneficial.

Bridger acquired SCJ Insurance Services in June with the sole purpose to begin introducing new products and technologies to make the process of insurance transactions simpler for both agents and consumers. One of the start-up company’s main focuses is to streamline the claims process.

“In two years we hope to be offering personal and commercial, as well as homeowners products, through our proprietary Bridger transactional platform, and taking profitable market share by offering a user experience to the agent and consumer that is second to none.”
— Kimo Winterbottom, CEO

One of the company’s new products could consist of a mobile technology platform that has the ability to provide consumers with an easier and more rapid process for filing an insurance claim. The technology will be quite cutting-edge, and will have the potential to reduce insurance fraud.

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