Bridger Launching New Policy Management Systems

by Charles Bobo, December 1, 2017

As Bridger approaches the release of it’s new non-standard auto program, BridgerDrive, other operational system enhancements continue to be developed. Bridger’s original policy management system, built on the AS400 platform, has moved to the cloud. It’s a seamless transition for agents, as log-in credentials and overall functionality operate the same.

Musa Elshiek, Senior Developer

In speaking with Musa Elshiek, Bridger’s senior developer, he stated “Moving our current policy management system, the AS400, to the cloud helps improve business continuity and assures the system is up and running when most needed, especially during disaster recovery times.” Elshiek went on to add, “There will be no data loss due to system failure, as the system is mirrored in two separate geographical locations.” This will assure the system is always functioning at times when producers and policy holders need it most.

Bridger is launching a new policy management system by January 1 and will begin to phase out the AS400. The new system is called PolicyOne, and will provide producers and policy holders with much a more vibrant system for agents to manage their business and for policy holders to manager their insurance. Additionally, Bridger is setting up an in-house claims management system to further improve services as the company prepares to launch BridgerDrive, its new California auto insurance product. Working directly with policy holders in claims will help streamline the process, improve communications, and create stronger loyalty with producers and policy holders.

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