Bridger Ramps Up New California Auto Insurance Product

by Charles Bobo, November 15, 2017

Bridger staff is intently focused to launch a new non-standard California auto insurance product by the end of 2017. Deep into the final quarter, the team is knee-deep implementing new operational procedures and systems to greatly improve agents’ and policy holders’ engagement with the new company.

DeeDee Engel

“This is an exciting time for Bridger, and we have so many balls in the air it’s hard to count at times”, stated DeeDee Engel, the company’s Chief Administration Officer. “From integrating a new policy management system, to developing new procedures for customer service reps, to rolling out a new CRM system. Trying to get all these parts to work cohesively is a huge challenge”, DeeDee further shared from her office in Pleasanton, California.

Destiny Omoto, CPCU

Entering the California auto insurance marketplace is a competitive move, but there is a significant need to release a new option for non-standard California auto insurance. With more than 2,000 producers statewide, most are ready to begin offering Bridger’s newest product, BridgerDrive, to their customers. “This product is targeted to those who usually don’t qualify for standard-rated auto insurance, and the product we’re putting out is really solid,” commented Destiny Omoto, CPCU, who heads the company’s underwriting division. Destiny is a designated Charter Property Casualty Underwriter, and has vast experience in auto insurance underwriting.

The company’s new policy management system is being implemented through One, Inc. The cloud-based system will include two functions; PolicyOne for management of in-force policies, and ClaimsOne for managing the claims process. Both systems are targeted to be online before the year ends. Additionally, to improve the policy holder and producer experiences, Bridger will be handling claims in-house.

Bridger marketing teams are beginning to visit producers around the state this week. Currently, representatives are visiting the Fresno and East Bay areas. If you’re an active agent and would like to schedule a visit, please call the office at 925-474-3600 or send an email to