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Expand Your Market

If you are looking to expand your market space by offering new products to meet the needs of ever-changing demographics, then consider our portfolio of products.

We specialize in offering non-standard automobile and homeowners insurance. Through 40-years of servicing California customers, we have built an agent base of more than 2,000 locations throughout the state.

Our automated systems for payments and managing policies go the extra mile to help you succeed. Click the icon to apply.

Dedicated Partnership

Success starts with strong partnerships. We provide products and services to support your growth and collaborate with you to better serve your customers. With 40 years experience, we know the connection with our brokers and insureds is the key to success.

Innovative Technology

Brokers can take advantage of a web-enabled platform for instant quoting based on real-time DMV reports that ensure accuracy and reliability. We have created an online environment for our brokers by combining our quoting platform with competitive products.

Competitive Commissions

By accurately segmenting risks, we are able to offer competitive commissions that keeps brokers coming back for more. A good job is its own reward, but competitive commissions generate earnings throughout your career.

Program Portfolio

We provide a portfolio of complementary programs with multiple carriers. Programs are strategically positioned to provide the coverage your clients need at the pricing they want. Our products cover the spectrum.

Competitive Pricing

Providing competitively priced products is imperative to our continued success. Our Program Management team analyzes programs in the Nonstandard Auto landscape to look for unique areas of opportunities that gives our brokers an edge of the national retail brands.

Marketing Partnership

We strive to offer the products and pricing that our brokers want, as well as the opportunity to work together to achieve our goals. Please contact your Relationship Manager to learn more about this exciting opportunity.